Notices about recruitment in manufacturing industry

Over the next 10 years, Saudi Arabia will need to fill 3.5 million manufacturing jobs, but 2 million of those jobs are likely to go unfilled due to lack of skilled employees. Therefore, how to recruit skilled employees in manufacturing industry?

Acquiring and retaining high-quality talent is critical to an organization’s success. As the job market becomes increasingly competitive and the available skills grow more diverse, recruiters need to be more selective in their choices, since poor recruiting decisions can produce long-term negative effects, among them high training and development costs to minimize the incidence of poor performance and high turnover which, in turn, impact staff morale, the production of high quality goods and services and the retention of organizational memory. At worst, the organization can fail to achieve its objectives thereby losing its competitive edge and its share of the market.

Posting vacancies


As indicated earlier, job posting refers to the practice of publicizing an open job to employees and listing its attributes, such as criteria of knowledge, qualification, skill and experience. The purpose of posting vacancies is to bring to the attention of all interested persons.

Before posting a vacancy, management needs to decide whether:

  • It intends to retain the job in its present form and with its present title, remuneration and status.
  • Selected attributes of the job, for example skill or experience, will change.
  • There are sufficient qualified, potential applicants serving in other positions within the organization who may be potential candidates for that job.
  • The existing organizational policy on recruitment is still applicable.
  • The organizations stand to benefit more, in the long-term, from recruiting applicants from external sources.

An organization needs to analyse the benefits and disadvantages of recruiting its personnel through internal or external sources and, where the latter is selected, whether formal or informal systems should be used.

Successful recruitment involves the several processes of


  • Development of a policy on recruitment and retention and the systems that give life to the policy.
  • Needs assessment to determine the current and future human resource requirements of the organization. If the activity is to be effective, the human resource requirements for each job category and functional division/unit of the organization must be assessed and a priority assigned.
  • Identification,within and outside the organization, of the potential human resource pool and the likely competition for the knowledge and skills resident within it
  • Job analysis and job evaluation to identify the individual aspects of each job and calculate its relative worth.
  • Assessment of qualifications profiles, drawn from job descriptions that identify responsibilities and required skills, abilities, knowledge and experience
  • Determination of the organization’s ability to pay salaries and benefits within a defined period
  • Identification and documentation of the actual process of recruitment and selection to ensure equity and adherence to equal opportunity and other laws.



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