Manpower Management in Hospitality Industry (Part I)

Manpower management is concerned with training of personnel. It means training of people at all the levels of organization. The success of an enterprise mainly depends on the performance of trained personnel. As a labor oriented industry, tourism needs professionally qualified persons. It is the quality of the service that determines the image of destination.

The process of manpower management includes recruitment, selection, training and development of employees. It motivates the employees to perform their best. The effective utilization of employee’s skill and capability is possible only if they are trained properly.

Part I: Manpower Planning

Manpower planning is the process of determining the number and type of employees required in an enterprise for a specific period in the future. It involves the process of analyzing the existing employees,, estimating the future demand and coordinating the available resources with future demand. It also includes planning for the development of employees through training and education.

Forecasting the manpower needs


It is concerned with estimating the number and type of employees required by an organization for a specified future period. This can be estimated by keeping mind the expected work load.

In hospitality industry requirements of employees depends upon the demand for services by the tourists. Tourists require different types of services like, guiding, catering, boarding, lodging, etc. All these requirements are fulfilled by the trained professionals. The hotels, tour operators, restaurants and others can estimate the requirements of personnel on various categories on the basis of previous years’ experience.

Preparing the manpower inventory

During this second step, a detailed list of existing manpower is prepared first. Then the number of existing staff is assessed with a view to determine the extent to which manpower requirement can be met from among the existing staff themselves. The qualifications, experience, aptitude, etc of every employees are analyzed. The manpower inventory contains the list of existing staff and the process of preparing such a list is called Manpower Audit.


In hospitality industry, we can prepare a detailed list of employees with different skills and knowledge. This helps to analyses the strength and weakness of existing employees. It is possible among hotels, restaurants, tour operators, etc.

Planning job requirements and job descriptions

After having decided how many people would be needed, it is necessary to prepare a job analysis, which records details of training, skill, qualifications, abilities, experience and responsibilities, etc which are needed for a job.

In hospitality, it is necessary to study in detail the qualifications, training, skills, experience, etc required in different jobs. There is no proper system for job analysis in hospitality.



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