Factors Affecting Wages of Agricultural Worker

Labor market plays a key role in determining employment and income levels in rural areas. While agriculture cannot be expected to absorb all of the rural labor force, its direct contribution to the generation of employment, including wage employment and its indirect contribution through greater diversification of the economy, are critical. There are more workers in waged employment in agriculture today than at any time. In other words, as the agricultural sector is undergoing a process of concentration of ownership, leading to fewer and bigger farms with a higher number of waged workers- as opposed to a sector based on smaller production units and self-employed farmers-waged workers become central to agricultural production.

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Types of Agricultural Workers Nowadays

Agricultural workers maintain the quality of farms, crops and livestock by operating machinery and doing physical labor under the supervision of farmers, ranchers and other agricultural managers. Even though the agricultural workforce as a whole is shrinking as more and more small farmers leave the land, the number of waged agricultural workers is growing in most regions of the world.

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Promote and Develop Saudi Arabia’s Agriculture

Saudi Arabia is marked by high temperature during the day.  Its climate is quite harsh, dry desert with extreme temperatures and climatically it is not very ideal for farming. However, along with the extension of Saudi Arabia’s agriculture production, today, Saudi Arabia exports wheat, dates, dairy products, eggs, fish, poultry, fruits, vegetables and flowers to markets around the world.

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A Vietnamese Farmer Admired by Israel People for His Automatic Manure Spreader

This Vietnamese farmer received patent for his automatic manure spreader when working in Israel, and has contributed lots of valuable inventions to Vietnam agriculture since he returned to Vietnam.

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