Keys to Success for the Construction Foreman

A construction foreman is the lead position on a specific project in the construction industry. The foreman is responsible for a number of different elements of both project management and employee relations for each job. A good foreman is said by many engineers to be the keystone of projects.

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Factors Which Affect to Labor Productivity in Construction

In construction, the output is usually express in weight, length, or volume, and the input resource is usually in cost of labor or man-hours. There are many standards available in the construction industry for contractors as reference values for purposes of construction cost estimation. Labor productivity is one of the factors affecting to construction project.

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The influence of construction industry for Dubai

Dubai is known as a city of buildings. Now Dubai is planning to build a rain forest in the desert, and the largest commercial shopping center in the world, and the tallest towers side by side in the world as well. This certainly is what hopes the construction industry in Dubai, and a resurgent again thanks to foreign investments and loans.

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Managing health and safety in the construction industry

It is a must to find optimal ways of managing health and safety in construction…

If a builder has built a house for a man and his work is not strong, and if the house he has built falls in and kills the householder, that builder shall be slain

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Who is considered a construction manager?

With the growing industrial action this huge figure, it became natural to be greater demand on qualified project managers to modern methods of construction in recent years, which has seen a boom in construction and various forms. To get high quality of construction project, construction manager always plays an important role, it also becomes a hottest job nowadays.

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11 facts about construction industry

Nowadays, with the urbanization in the world, construction industry is more development day by day. Many buildings, infrastructures, luxury architectures have appeared; moreover, it also creates a huge of jobs for manpower and makes variety in job. Let’s see some fact about this industry below.

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Main trends in construction industry in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the largest exporter of oil in the world. As a result, the Saudi economy is constantly on the rise and the construction sector specifically has been significant increases in activity.

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Qatar’s stadium for the World Cup 2022

Qatar is now preparing itself to welcome a global audience in his country and the second in one of the most attended events on a large scale in the world. So Qatar is witnessing a complete transformation of the infrastructure to meet the needs of a global audience. Continue reading “Qatar’s stadium for the World Cup 2022”

How does Saudi Arabia deal with labor shortage crisis in construction projects?

The construction sector in Saudi Arabia is the largest and fastest growing market in the Gulf region. Ongoing construction projects in the Gulf are valued at $1.9 trillion (SR 7.1 trillion), and one-quarter of the developments are located in Saudi Arabia. 

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Overview about construction in the world and Vietnam

Construction is one of the most thriving industries in the world with great influences on the economy of any country. Construction can be generic or civil engineering. Whether building a dam, monument, road, wooden structure or real estate assets, it is all done by this industry with proper calculations.

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