Hospitality provides about 300 thousand jobs in various regions of Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Labor in coordination with a number of facilities and specialized institutes and government colleges in the activity of the hospitality industry to limit the functional in this sector, which is estimated at about 300 thousand jobs in various regions of Saudi Arabia, to recruit young men and women who are serious about working with salaries starting at 5000 riyals and up to 20,000 riyals in various regions of Saudi Arabia.

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Young manpower in Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is poised for growth, but its success depends on its ability to develop the skills and talents of its greatest asset: young people. In 2013, it created 265 million jobs (8.9% of total employment) globally. By 2024, it will have created 346 million jobs (10.2% of total). 

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Overview of Hospitality Industry

Hospitality, as interestingly defined in dictionary, is kindness in welcoming visitors, guests or strangers. It refers to the relationship between guest and the host, or the practice or act of being hospitable. Particularly, this involves the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of visitors, guests, strangers, membership clubs, resorts, conventions, special events, attractions, and other services for tourists and travelers. Those successful in this career often pull off the hospitable aura.

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